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by Tamiya

Tamiya 53301 TL01 Stainless Steel Suspension Shaft Set, WR-02/M03/M05/M06/MF-01x

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Modified Item: No

Country/Region of Manufacture: Japan

Custom Bundle: No

Compatible Fuel Type: Electric

Type: TL01 Stainless Steel Suspension Shaft Set

MPN: 53301, OP-301

Compatible Vehicle Type: Cars & Motorcycles

Compatible Scale: 1:10

Brand: Tamiya

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Tamiya TL01 Stainless Steel Suspension Shaft Set, Part No's. 53301 (OP-301)

Durable stainless steel suspension shafts are securely attached using the included E-ring components.

Compatible Chassis:

G6-01*2, G6-01TR*2, M-05, M-05 PRO, M-05 Ver.II PRO*1, M-06, M-06 PRO & MF-01X Chassis

*1 Cannot be used on rear suspension arms (car side).

*2 Use on rear and center lower arms. Front requires Item 54695.

Will Fit the Following Cars:

49337: Wild Willy 2 (Metallic Special Limited Edition)  

49417: M-03R Chassis Kit - M03

57005: Calsonic Skyline GT-R - TL01 4WD Complete Set 

57702: RTR Ford SVT F-150 Lightning (TL01)  

57703: RTR SVT Mustang Cobra R (TL01)  

57704: RTR Subaru Impreza WRC (TL01)  

57706: RTR Lancer Evo. VI WRC (TL01)  

57710: RTR Mercedes CLK DTM D2 

57727: RTR Mighty Bull  

57729: RTR Over Lander  

57736: RTR Mini Cooper Monte Carlo - M-03 

57742: RTR Mini Cooper (M03)  

57743: RTR Wild Willy 2 (WR02)  

57744: RTR Mini Cooper 2002 - M03L 

57754: RTR Suzuki Swift Super 1600 - M03M Germany '05 

57768: RTR Volkswagen Beetle - M04L 

57773: RTR Mini Cooper S 2006 - M03-L

57787: RTR Fiat 500 - M03M 

57826: RTR Volkswagen Wheelie - WR02 Type 2 (T1)

57835: RTR Suzuki Jimny Wheelie - WR02

57853: RTR Farm King Wheelie - WR02G

57862: RTR Suzuki Jimny Wheelie - WR02 (SJ30) Blue Style

57871: RTR Tumbling Bull - WR02G

57881: RTR Tractor Kumamon Version - WR-02G

57985: WR02 Chassis - WR02 Factory Finished

58191: Calsonic Skyline GT-R (TL01 4WD) 

58195: Alfa Romeo 155V6 TI (TL01 4WD)  

58201: Celica GT-4 '97 Monte Carlo (TL01 4WD)  

58211: Rover Mini Cooper Racing (M03)  

58212: Peugeot 406 ST (TL01 4WD) 

58216: Ford Escort WRC (TL01)  

58219: Mitsubishi Lancer Evo. IV (Monte-Carlo TL01)  

58221: Baja Champ (TL01B)  

58222: Ford SVT F-150 Lightning (TL01)  

58223: Penzoil NISMO GT-R (TL01 4WD) 

58224: Peugeot 306 Maxi WRC (FF02)  

58226: Subaru Impreza WRC (TL01) 

58228: Ford SVT Mustang Cobra R (TL01)  

58233: Castrol Mugen NSX (TL01) 

58234: Suzuki WagonR RR (M03) 

58236: Honda S2000 (M04)  

58237: Lexus IS 200 (TL01) 

58240: BMW M Roadster (M04L)  

58241: Ford Focus WRC (TL01)  

58242: Wild Willy 2000  

58244: Mercedes CLK Original Teile (TL01) 

58245: Alfa Romeo 156 (Super Tourismo FF02)  

58246: Stadium Raider  

58248: Toyota Celica (FF02) 

58251: Lexus GS400 (Toyota Aristo) 

58255: Calsonic Skyline GT-R (R34) (TL01) 

58260: Mercedes CLK DTM2000 (TL01)  

58263: Opel V8 Coupe (TL-01) 

58264: Supra 2000 (TL01)  

58265: Toyota bB. - M03L

58273: Subaru Impreza WRC 2001 (TL01)  

58277: Impreza '01 w/Fin.Body TL01 (TL01)  

58287: Nissan 350Z (TL01)  

58295: BMW New Mini Cooper - M03L 

58301: Baja King (TL01B)  

58307: Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint (M-04)  

58309: Twin Detonator (TL01/TL01B Twin Motor)  

58312: Blackfoot Xtreme 

58325: Eunos Roadster (M04M)  

58368: Suzuki Swift Super 1600 - M03M 

58383: Volkswagen Beetle - M04L 

58400: Mini Cooper S 2006 - M03L

58427: Fiat 500 - M03M 

58512: Volkswagen Type 2 Wheelie - WR02 (T1)

58531: Suzuki Jimny (SJ30) Wheelie - WR02

58556: Farm King (Wheelie) - WR02G

58576: Suzuki Jimny Wheelie Blue - WR02 (SJ30)

58586: Tumbling Bull - WR02G

58601: Tractor Kumamon Version - WR02G

58611: Honda City Turbo - WR02C 

84023: M-03R Chassis Kit - (Blue Plated Version) 

84373: Volkswagen Type 2 (T1) - WR02 Wheelie Custom Version

Plus M-05's, M-06's and others.


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